We are a company founded in 2011 with the goal of being different. Over the years, this challenge has become our company slogan "Be different…". We not only strive to make a difference with our commitment to the latest trends and innovation, but also with the care and dedication we demand from quality controls and environmental protection. Despite being a young company, the desire to improve has marked a turning point in the company`s journey, with new facilities, rebranding, and a change of strategy that brings us closer to the customer and elevates the design of our pieces to the highest levels of quality and differentiation.


Monopole creates trends in the ceramic world, thanks to our R&D department, which keeps us at the forefront of design and innovation. This is evidenced by the number of products registered with MONOPOLE patent rights that can be found in our catalogs. Year after year, we showcase these designs at the most important industry fairs worldwide and receive numerous customers at our facilities who want to firsthand experience our exclusive patents and designs. At MONOPOLE, our strategy is very clear, being different is our reason for being, and design is our way of standing out.


We are committed to design by creating unique and different products that satisfy all tastes. Modern, innovative, classic... all of them are part of MONOPOLE´s catalog. And the most important and fundamental aspect of our work is the commitment that arises with the purpose of improving people´s lives, and with this effort, we are present in more than 70 countries. As a result of this growth strategy and through a wide range of products, we can be closer to our customers and their needs, satisfying any type of requirement for each project.


This year, 2020, we will inaugurate our new facilities, this new space is born with a contemporary design where light is the main protagonist. Two new exhibitions and a logistics center with its own technology that seeks to be a reference within the sector of ceramic coatings and pavements. Thanks to the design of our facilities, we have created an advanced work and exhibition environment where home automation and the latest technologies create ideal workspaces to grow as a company and optimize loading times.


Since our inception, we have placed the highest added value on our product´s quality and design. Within our production processes, we have always followed the strictest quality controls. We seek to achieve customer satisfaction and efficiency in each project through these strict control mechanisms. The finishes of our designs make these controls very necessary. Special finishes and textures that make each piece have to be valued in each process to achieve perfection. Quality at Monopole also includes service, as we focus on the customer, trying to understand and improve their concerns, from any technical need to any other issue that needs to be resolved.


Our manufacturing processes are focused on preventing pollution and the spread of waste into the environment. That is why we have developed our own waste management strategy, which aims to protect the environment as a whole by applying the principles of environmental prevention and control in an integrated way. From the beginning, we have sought absolute control over the emissions produced by our company in order to prevent the transfer of pollution from one environment to another. Respect for the environment is our reason for being and for creating products.



Carretera CV-20, km 9 / 12200, Castellón, SPAIN

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